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Pug DogIn 1730 Jean -Baptiste Ourdry (1686-1755),a French artist renowned for painting dogs, painted a picture titled Pug Dog. It was a painting of Louis XV's favorite dogs and can be seen in the Lille Museum in France. Said to be one of the earliest pug paintings is "Old Virtue" by Leonard Knyff (1650-1722).

It is the belief of Celtic Pugs that the brindle color originated with the breed, but the coloration was not desired by selective breeders of Pugs. However, we believe the gene remained embedded within the Pug breed.

Some say that another pure bred dog was introduced to create the coloration, but what "pure bred" dog is actually "pure bred".

All dogs originate from Wolves and Greyhounds, of which a Pugs looks totally opposite, as well as disposition. The AKC recognizes the color as brindle and they are registered as such. Unfortunately certain "show breeders" do not like the coloration and do not want it to be shown in the ring. Recently a direct descendant of our Onora placed 1st in Canada, and shockwaves were felt across the world, literally.

Orla 11

Brindle Pugs are 100% Pug, and DNA proves this. We would much prefer to see new coloration in the Pug breed, than the propagation of "new breeds" for example the Puggle, a mix between a Pug and a Beagle. There are facts to prove that doing this initially creates puppies that have a disposition to inherit genetic defects brought out from the different breeds. When choosing a puppy, even if you decide not to adopt from us, PLEASE research for a reputable breeder, who does not breed their dogs for profit, and who breed their females back to back to back, until the life is literally drained from them. The puppies show the signs of poor breeding as well.

Onora Onora Puppies